External Storage Devices

external storage options

Not to date myself, but when I was preparing for my freshman year of college, the textbook and materials for my major included a zip disk. This was 2004, and USB drives were on the cusp of becoming mainstream. But at the time, a 250MB disk was considered a massive amount of external storage. How…

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Custom USB Drives Wishlist

custom usb toolkit and usb security

Like the song says, it takes different strokes to move the world. Especially when it comes to things of a personal nature, like custom USB drives.Oh, it might not seem like a personal thing. But our data is an intensely personal thing–or so it’s becoming in this day. We live in a time where the…

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USB Storage and its Humble Beginnings: Prepare for Nostalgia

cassette tape replaced by USB Storage

Remember making a mixtape for your secret crush and you just couldn’t fit that extra Air Supply song on it? If only USB storage technology was available back then, huh?   Okay, maybe you didn’t miss out on any dates because of clunky media storage (chalk that up to your retainer, perhaps) but I think…

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