Music Packaging with USB Drives

music packaging

While it may seem harder than ever to get noticed in the music industry these days, it is possible to break through the noise. Give your audience something unique. Original.  And they’ll repay you with their respect and admiration. One way to do this is create truly innovative music packaging with USB drives. CDs might…

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Custom USB Drive Packaging Idea-Generating Tips

Custom USB drive packaging

Custom USB drive packaging should complement every scenario. Different industries have different needs, right?  All your collateral should work together to create a sense of a whole. As things like omni-channel marketing become, well, omnipresent, start to plan out how your business can capitalize on it. And jump on it early, before other organizations wake…

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Flashdrive Packaging Reinvents Classic Marketing

St Leo FlashPad Kit flashdrive packaging

It’s easy to be nostalgic for a past that some never experienced. The ‘Mad Men’ sixties world of well-tailored suits and day-drinking might look attractive to modern hipsters, but the reality of the times–Cold War, economic insecurity, limited roles for anyone not a white middle-class male–bring the decade into sharper focus. But there are some…

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Thumb Drive Tips & Tricks

custom flashdrive packaging

A thumb drive (or USB stick, or flash drive, or any combination of the preceding) are impressive little things. Though small and unassuming, they have the kind of potential that spans the spectrum of good to evil. But in recent times, the flash drive is falling out of favor. It’s easier and more efficient to…

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