USB Security for Groups & Individuals

USB security and usb cases

USB drives are one of the handiest ways to share information out there. If Internet access isn’t reliable, or you’re sharing sensitive data that doesn’t belong in the cloud, it’s the way to go. However, like most pieces of technology, flashdrives have been known to be used for nefarious purposes as well. USB security is…

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USB Security Keys: No More Passwords?

custom luxury boxes

Facebook just released a new set of privacy tools, including one that’s very useful in keeping unsavory characters from messing with your profile (or worse). The update allows users access through USB security keys supporting the universal second factor (or U2F) standard. You can confirm your identity with a key tap. Note that Sunrise doesn’t…

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Solar Power Banks: New Wave Energy

Solar custom Power Banks

Solar power isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming more and more common. This type of energy is being used everywhere, from powering cars to streetlamps to house appliances. The move to USB form–as solar power banks, to be specific–is just the next step. At the most basic level, solar energy is simply energy generated…

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Is Write-Protected Right For You?

  USB drives, flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives….whatever you call them, you know they are a great asset in the promotion of a business or product. You can dress them up like a business card, customize and personalize, and use the drive itself to store extra data. Images, videos, demos, and samples that would…

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Curiosity Cached the Cat: New Flash Drive Experiment Might Surprise You

If you’ve ever doubted the allure of flash drives, then have we got news for you. In a story picked up by one of the Internet’s top tech sites, ZDNet, a new flash drive experiment found that nearly 1 in 5 people plugged in and explored a USB flash drive….that they found on the ground….

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Custom Flash Drives Mean Faster Installation

Think we were joking about custom flash drives driving business? Think again.   Rumor has it that Windows 10 will be sold on a USB Storage. A variety of sources, included Forbes, have pointed to an image floating around the internet of a screen-printed USB drive sporting the Microsoft logo. Rumors in the Twitter mill…

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