Power Bank Packaging

power bank packaging

The world runs on mobile. And whether you’re using Android or iOS, your charging needs are the same. It explains why power banks are one of the fastest growing markets out there today. As our devices–even beyond smartphones and tablets to cameras, laptops, etc.–require high battery support to run efficiently, the need to provide that…

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Power Bank Packaging & Safety

Custom Coast Box with Power Bank packaging safety

Depending on how desperate you are for a charge, you might consider plugging your smartphone or other mobile device into a questionable power source. This is part of the reason why power banks have been on the rise. Their mobility and flexibility make it easy to charge your devices anywhere, even walking around in your…

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Custom Power Banks & 2017 Market Trends

Solar custom Power Banks

If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered the dreaded Dead Zone (unless you have a stockpile of custom power banks, that is). It comes after the repeat warnings that your battery life is dwindling. Your device switches into low battery mode–shutting off extra services, dimming the screen, things, etc–but then it just powers…

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Power Banks are Coming

promotional power banks

Winter is coming as the old(?) adage says. While this may be a negative for some, a positive is also coming. Power Banks! If you guessed that a power bank is a financial institution for superheroes, unfortunately you would be mistaken–but what they actually are is still pretty cool. A power bank stores a charge…

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