University Flashdrives & Recruitment

Florida Poly University Flashdrives

I still remember the pure excitement I experienced when I found out that I was accepted to my number one choice for college. I was so happy, so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell the world. I texted everyone I knew (well, everyone who I knew would care), and immediately made plans to stop by…

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USB Dog Tag Keeps Fido Safe

USB dog tags can keep your pooch safe

You’ve been puttering around the house for a while before you hear it (or rather, you don’t hear it). The silence that comes with wondering where the dog is.  Going to the back door and not seeing Fido waiting to come back inside. Walking outside and noticing the gate is open, or that broken part of…

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FlashPads for Self-Published Marketing

University USB drives

Depending on your personal preferences, the state of literature is either in a decline or an ascent. Regardless, it’s in a state of flux, and most of this is due to self-publishing. Self-publishing is the ability for aspiring writers to publish their own works,without an agent or a publishing house, for sale through vetted sellers…

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Welcome Clients Home with a FlashPad Wallet

gift card boxes

It’s May in Minnesota, which means a couple things. People are outside and evaluating their homes, and they’re either excited and enthusiastic to work on different projects…or they’re ready to move.  Spring and summer are also the times of years that people want to make changes, especially coming out of dreary Minnesota winters.  Combined with…

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Onboard Students with a USB Flashpad

How does your institution communicate with prospects or students? If it doesn’t include a USB (we recommend USB flashpads), you might be missing out a big audience. The traditional giant packet of information full of information might not send the right message. We’re not denying the importance of the information. But paper isn’t sustainable, ink is expensive,…

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5 Common Reactions to the FlashPad (As Told in GIFs)

    You and I know that the FlashPadTM is an awesome marketing tool. Of course it stores flash drives, and flash drives store data, so right there is a two-for-one combo of promotional strategy. But, unbelievably enough, a few people haven’t even heard of the premiere USB packaging on the market. The following GIFs are dramatic…

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Flash Drive Marketing with the Just Released GiftPad™

Sunrise Packaging announces the release of The GiftPad™, an upscale custom presentation packaging product. Promotional packaging for flash and credit card drives has been an emerging market for us as companies aim to display a vibrant impression to their marketing and promotional efforts. The GiftPad™ is an alternative version of the very popular FlashPad™ with…

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