Leave the Flashdrive, Take the Cannolli: 4 Ways to Nail Your Next Presentation

USB flashdrive

Just suggesting a public presentation is enough to send some people into a nervous frenzy. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable at some point in most people’s jobs. Whether you’re presenting to clients, your boss, or your grand-boss (aka boss’s boss), the most important thing to do is the most obvious: share all the information necessary to get…

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A USB Sleeve for All Seasons

USB sleeve can group products

Obviously, it’s our business at Sunrise to make sure that you love every product we design and send your way. But, as time goes on, new business opportunities are guaranteed to come up. That’s when  USB sleeve might be the answer. Sleeve boxes are like casings that encompass a box or container. Think of a…

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Business Cards Reimagined

Custom business card in credit card usb

Business cards are in serious need of redesign for the digital age. No matter the industry, these rectangular heavyweight pieces of paper have been ubiquitous for decades. While the design and material might change, the information is pretty standard: organization, name, contact information. The intent is to stay in people’s minds on the chance that they…

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SanDisk Reveals USB-C Dual Drive

flashdrive portfolios

One the major purchases I made prior to studying abroad in 2006 was a brand new iBook. To transfer my music and files from my parent’s desktop, I bought the biggest flash drive Best Buy carried…and it wasn’t even one gigabyte. While the devices of a decade ago didn’t have a lot of space, they…

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Welcome Clients Home with a FlashPad Wallet

gift card boxes

It’s May in Minnesota, which means a couple things. People are outside and evaluating their homes, and they’re either excited and enthusiastic to work on different projects…or they’re ready to move.  Spring and summer are also the times of years that people want to make changes, especially coming out of dreary Minnesota winters.  Combined with…

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Onboard Students with a USB Flashpad

How does your institution communicate with prospects or students? If it doesn’t include a USB (we recommend USB flashpads), you might be missing out a big audience. The traditional giant packet of information full of information might not send the right message. We’re not denying the importance of the information. But paper isn’t sustainable, ink is expensive,…

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Superhero Rivalry Continues on Flash Drives

The Big Showdown Batman V. Superman opened this weekend to the tune of $166 million. Definitely a contender for a blockbuster run, the movie already trumped Dark Knight Rises’ opening. Despite being virtually obliterated by critics, the audience reaction has been extremely positive. Since most movie critics aren’t paying customers, it’s safe to say that…

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Flash Drive Mystery or Marketing?


A true mystery is shaping up on Colorado campuses, and flash drives seem to be at the heart of it all. Since early March, at least three campuses–UC-Boulder, University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado State–have seen the appearance of strange chalk symbols at various locations on the grounds. These circular logo-like drawings have experts convinced…

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Is the Drive Mightier than the Cloud?

Cloud storage is the Chris Pratt of the data storage world. It’s the new hot thing, everybody thinks they know it, and it’s the go-to namedrop when you want to impress your friends or confuse your grandma. The cloud! It’s in the cloud! Oh, I saved it to the cloud! It sounds magic, right? This…

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Give the Gift that Everyone Needs

USB Packaging

As the holidays approach, everybody’s looking for the perfect gift. The question on everyone’s mind is What do you get for the person that has everything? How about more space? Forget gift cards! Everybody needs more space–especially that person who has everything. Maybe you can’t give them a bigger house or a storage locker, but…

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