USB Cases For Every Situation

USB security and usb cases

Sunrise Packaging offers plenty of ideas for USB drive packaging to meet every budget. And that includes stock USB cases that aren’t boring boring.  (Say it with us one  time: stock USB cases don’t have to be boring!) Here’s what we mean: when people hear the word *stock* they think boring. Plain. Commonplace. But that’s…

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USB Batteries Provide Power Everywhere

usb batteries

I was recently discussing favorite articles of swag with a client. When I mentioned that my husband and I are consistently utilizing USB batteries and power banks, one person was shocked. “Really?” they exclaimed. “I never think to use them, I just charge all my devices when I’m home.”There was a chorus of input from…

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Portable Flashdrive Portfolios

Flashdrive portfolios

Interviewing for a job that you want is stressful, no matter who you are. Interviewees have to look the part, dressing well and taking extra care with appearances. They have to be on top of their game, not mincing words but giving detailed answers to questions. And if you work in a creative field, you…

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Custom Power Banks: Tips for Shopping

Ultimate USB drive

Custom power banks are swiftly becoming one of the most useful gifts out there. Paired with an ultra fast charging cable, they’re ideal for a quick charge on the go wherever you might be. With hacking and other nefarious activities on the rise and aided through unsecured public USB ports, it’s also the safer choice. When…

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Custom Power Banks & 2017 Market Trends

Solar custom Power Banks

If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered the dreaded Dead Zone (unless you have a stockpile of custom power banks, that is). It comes after the repeat warnings that your battery life is dwindling. Your device switches into low battery mode–shutting off extra services, dimming the screen, things, etc–but then it just powers…

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Custom Power Banks for the Holidays

custom power banks

My very first cell phone was a Nokia. As much as I loved my phone as a whole, I loved it even more once I got a cherry-red cover for it off of eBay.  Like anything, as tools become more ubiquitous, the desire to customize them grows. Anyone could have a cell phone, but a…

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Pokemon Go Power Bank Lures

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go by now. And if you’re one of 33 million daily active users, you’re definitely aware of its battery-draining abilities. We even wrote about it shortly after the launch in July. At the time, information about the game was still be acquired by everyone, and we learned what was…

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A Promotional Power Bank Sends A Powerful Message

Promotional power bank

We live in a society that craves power. Not necessarily in the caveman, hierarchical sense (well, not overtly), but in an energy sense. In 2016 alone, the number of smartphones is expected to reach over 2 billion. Combined with the ‘always on’ culture that constant connectivity feeds, the need for power only grows. A promotional…

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