USB Batteries Provide Power Everywhere

usb batteries

I was recently discussing favorite articles of swag with a client. When I mentioned that my husband and I are consistently utilizing USB batteries and power banks, one person was shocked. “Really?” they exclaimed. “I never think to use them, I just charge all my devices when I’m home.”There was a chorus of input from…

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Pokemon Go Power Bank Lures

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go by now. And if you’re one of 33 million daily active users, you’re definitely aware of its battery-draining abilities. We even wrote about it shortly after the launch in July. At the time, information about the game was still be acquired by everyone, and we learned what was…

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Pokemon GO Power On-The-Go

When hunting pokemongo, don't forget your power on-the-go bank!

You’ve slogged through parking lots, meadows, and yards. You’re sweaty and tired, but you’re oh-so-close to the most elusive. Pikachu. You’re finally face-to-face with the yellow critter, and you wind up to strike when….your screen goes blank. Hours of Pokemon Go hunting have drained your battery, and there’s no chance for power on-the-go. Unless, of…

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