Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions we receive concerning our USB drives and packaging solutions. For further information, or purchasing quotes please contact us or request a quote today!
Do you sell USB drives?
Yes. We have standard and custom USB drives
What is a custom USB drive?
Custom USB drives can be made into any shape or design that you can dream up. We've seen everything from company logos to guitars to ice cream cones.
What USB drive capacities do you offer?
64MB, 128MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB
What is the most popular flash drive model?
The most popular flash drive we offer is our SP-01 Swivel drive. Another popular option is SP-07 Credit Card Drive.
Do you charge a setup fee for USB drive orders?
Yes. The setup fee is a one-time charge of $99
What is the minimum order quantity for USB drives?
Can you put my program on a USB drive for me?
Yes. We can pre-load 256MB worth of data for free. Additional charges apply for data pre-load exceeding 256MB
What data options for you offer for USB drives?
We offer the Auto-Run feature, Non-Delete feature, and logo icons.
Is printing included on USB drives?
Yes. We include two-color printing on one side of the USB drive. Additional charges apply for four-color printing as well as epoxy doming and embossing.
What is the lead time for USB drive orders?
Typically 7-10 business days.
Is shipping included?
Yes, shipping is included for USB drive orders in the continental United States. USB packaging orders do not include shipping.
What is the lead time for USB packaging orders?
For custom packaging, we generally say up to 3 weeks for a lead time but depending on the scope of the project, that can vary. Stock USB packaging orders ship within 72 hours.
Do you offer fulfillment services?
Yes. If you need us to put your USB drives in the USB drive packaging and ship it off to the end user, we can do the whole kit and caboodle.
Is there any USB drive that you don't package?
Nope. Our custom packaging capabilities allow us to package any USB drive imaginable.
What is your most popular USB packaging option?
That depends what type of packaging you're looking for. Our sFlash series features our most cost effective USB packaging. For upscale, custom USB packaging our FlashPad™ is our most popular. Through manufacturing efficiencies we're able to keep the price of the FlashPad™ affordable as well.
Do you really make packaging?
Yes, we are a manufacturing facility. We make both stock and custom flash drive packaging.
What else can you make packaging for?
We can make packaging for anything. If you can dream it, we can package it for you.