Smart USB Drives Offer an Upgrade

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USB drives are one of the most popular giveaways out there. They’re perpetually useful and allow organizations opportunities to brand (enhanced with custom packaging, of course).  But as the average number of electronics owned by an individual increases, so does the demand for change. That’s where smart USB drives come into the picture. 

You’ve heard the word ‘smart’ appended onto…well, pretty much everything nowadays. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart homes. It essentially works out to be something with an expanded or unexpected use. With smart USB drives, that means adding more connectivity. 

Smart USB Drives Increase Access

Smart drives, or USB On-The-Go (OTG) is a kind of USB connection that allows a device, like a smartphone, read data via a flashdrive, no computer intermediary needed. Unfortunately, iOS devices aren’t compatible (yet?). But Android users, read on. 

So what does this mean in reality? A lot of things:

  • Connect flash drives to external hard drives
    USB drives are all about external storage, naturally. But with a little bit of extra work, your smart USB drive can connect to any external drive and ramp up the storage space.
  • Play with video game controllers
    Xbox 360’s controller can be used with Android devices with OTG, with Make Use Of calling it  plug-and-play levels of easy. 
  • Use keyboards and mice with your Android tablet or smartphone
    Want to use your tablet or smartphone as a laptop? Here you go. It’ll make typing out papers or emails way easier. Additionally, Android usually works just fine with wireless keyboards and mice, too. 
  • Control a DSLR camera
    Full disclosure, I haven’t bought a camera in a decade because my phone is usually superior to any camera I could afford (or would want to spend). However, Android devices can be connected to DSLR cameras using smart USB drives. 

And these are just a few of the ways in which smart USB drives and Android OTG can enhance your life. 

Sunrise Packaging & Smart USB Drives

Sunrise offers two types of these customized flash drives: a swivel and a slim. There are a variety of colors from which to choose to match any branding palette, as well as options to customize further with a logo.  These drives are also FlashPad compatible, which adds even more space for personalized messaging. 

As time and technology barrel forward, Sunrise Packaging works to keep up with the demand of not only the businesses with whom we work, but what their customer base wants. Contact us today to stay in the forefront of user needs!