Real Estate Packaging Ideas

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While fall usually slows down the real estate market, 2017 is proving to be a little different.  While the number of new listings has decreased, the demand has not. Add to that a market with steadily increasing prices (in the St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota market, the median sales price has risen 7.3% since last year) and it's an industry rife with competition. And not only between buyers. One way in which industry professionals can stand out from the pact is with clever real estate packaging for items. 

Real Estate Packaging Drives Sales

Buying a home isn't a flippant decision for most people. It's an emotional investment, a personal reckoning, and it takes a savvy set of individuals to help navigate people through the process. Particularly in this competitive market.

When we think of a competitive market in terms of real estate, the bidding wars between prospective buyers is usually what comes to mind. But this lucrative industry also sees its fair share of competition between realtors and mortgage brokers as well for business. Like any marketing endeavor, it becomes a question of who can convey the necessary sense of trust and security to prospective customers?

Providing that sense of security to customers is more than just a neat appearance and timely check-ins. It's embedded in your attitude and your promotional materials. Check out the project we completed for Wardley Real Estate. The custom packaging matches their branding perfectly, and is consistent with their overall presentation as a company. It's clear they're legit in every way.

They chose a classic custom pad option. These FlashPads were originally designed for company USB drives, but the potential for other promotional items was clear from the beginning. These pads use custom foam inserts to securely hold promotional items, defining presentation packaging for the real estate industry.

We love that this project provided us with another example of the versatility of the FlashPad for real estate packaging, but know that it doesn't end there. Depending on what you need to share with clients, Sunrise Packaging can help you figure out the right approach. 

Cultivating Trust

Creating a relationship of trust is a critical asset to any business, but especially when it comes to real estate. It makes happy customers, which leads to increased loyalty, more revenue, and--dare we say it--makes employees happy, too. Let customers know that they're not only good hands, but the rights hands, from your promotional items up.