The Quest for the Ultimate USB Drive

Ultimate USB drive

Do you remember your first ultimate USB drive?

It’s the USB drive that maybe cost a little more than you wanted to spend. It was the biggest flashdrive on the market at the time. And when you bought it, you thought “There is no way anyone could possibly fill up all 256MB” (this is a true story from the first flashdrive I had to buy for college…not to date myself).

Flash forward to today, and 256MB is a joke. Yes, in 2005 it would take a ton of Microsoft Word documents to it up. In 2017? It’s a couple seconds of video. As technology drives forward, so has our desire for storage. We’re looking to host videos, photos, music, and more. And we need them to be fast.

That’s where Samsung’s lastest ultimate storage solution comes into the picture.

The Newest Ultimate USB Drive

Solid state drives, or SSDs, are portable storage solutions. Samsung just released the T5 Portable SSD, which has a USB C port but can also connect to standard USB ports as well. So it can communicate and transfer files between Windows, Macs, and Android devices.

Reviews report that, from an aesthetic perspective, the drive is slim, smooth and sturdy (not drive your car over it sturdy, but hopefully that’s not a concern). It’s a comparable size to our FlashPad Wallet.

And from a functionality perspective, performance has been great as well. But the main draws are its connectivity to emerging USB standards.

There’s so much media we want to save on our smartphones now. Between photos, videos, recordings, and more, the process to move these materials isn’t always as seamless as we might like. For iOS and Android users, iCloud and Google Drive provide some space, but we know that the cloud is never completely un-hackable. Transferring your content using a custom flash drive or an SSD keeps it 100% securely in your hands.

Invest Now or Invest Later?

As a society, we’re less naïve now when it comes storage than we were a decade ago, before smartphones became ubiquitous. Trends can be unpredictable, and until the next big thing arrives, we’ll have to wait and see how much space is enough.

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