Purchasing USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives in bulkIf you have never purchased USB flash drives in bulk or individually, it can be tough to know where to start. Before you start your shopping, here are a few questions you should answer so you’re prepared for the mountain of options available to you: How much storage space do you need- and how much can you spend?  These two questions go hand in hand, as in most cases the larger storage space available, the more expensive the drive will be. In order to make sure you get the right size drive, determine what will be put on it, how long it will be used for, and so on. What are you storing on the drive? Do you need password protection and data encryption? If you are storing important legal or business documents, make sure you password protect you drive. You do the same to your computers, phones, iPads and so on. If you misplace your drive, be certain that the information stored will not be exploited. Will the drive see everyday use? Determine if a case is necessary. If you are giving drives away as a promotion or a gift to employees, it might be nice to present them in a nice case or package. Retractable connector, swivel drive or with a cap? There are loads to choose from in each style of drive- you might as well decide that feature right away! Buy from an experienced supplier. If you choose a second rate provider of flash drives, odds are the flash drives are too.