A Promotional Power Bank Sends A Powerful Message

Promotional power bank

We live in a society that craves power. Not necessarily in the caveman, hierarchical sense (well, not overtly), but in an energy sense. In 2016 alone, the number of smartphones is expected to reach over 2 billion. Combined with the 'always on' culture that constant connectivity feeds, the need for power only grows. A promotional power bank is just one way to feed that craving, but from our perspective, it's one of the best.  

At a recent event for Amazon's new spaces opening in Minnesota, they handed out the power banks shown above. Branded with Amazon's logo, they're sure to be used by everyone who attended the event. Here's why.

  1. Power your bluetooth speaker
  2. Power your vape
  3. Power your GPS or smartphone
  4. Help a friend who forgot their charger/power source
  5. Charge anything with a USB

How A Promotional Power Bank Helps Consumers

Please Don't Stop the Music
Guess what else is on the rise along with power banks? Bluetooth speakers, or portable speakers. Power banks are ideal to keep your Jambox or other speaker running without finding an outlet.

It's particularly handy if you're camping, BBQing, on the beach, or just enjoying summer weather with some tunes sans outlet. And let's be honest, who wants to worry about finding an outlet when you're ready to rock out?

Promotional power bank

Turn on. Plug in. Breathe out.
As vaping becomes more popular, the need for charging the goods increases, too. Consumers can use a promotional power bank to charge up their vaper for hours. Plug right in to the vape pen for a quick hit. 

Never Lose Your Way
I'll admit it: having a smartphone with GPS has made my already-terrible sense of direction worse. It's rare that I'll remember to look up directions prior to driving to a new location, too, so my phone is doubly important. GPS uses a lot of battery between keeping up with the signal and the backlit screen, so a power bank is a must-have for me in my car. 

Share or Consolidate Your Power
There's always that person who forgot their phone charger, right? With a power bank, you can still charge up your device without using an outlet. Or share the power bank with them if it has as dual USB port - just don't forget to get all your gear back, because they're also probably the type of person who's terrible at returning things.

It'll Charge Anything
Well, within reason. As long as it has a standard USB hook up, you can charge it. 

Promotional Power Bank FTW

Abraham Lincoln said that

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

And it's still true in 2016--especially in power bank form. How will you share your power?

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