Promotional Packaging Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

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When it comes to major company milestones, these things deserve to be celebrated. Like coming up to a company anniversary, for example. Staying in business for 100 years, 50 years, heck, even 10 years is worth celebrating. Organizations may choose different ways to celebrate, and different audiences accordingly. It might be more an external focus, but every anniversary needs to celebrate the people who make the business run: the employees. Using different kinds of promotional packaging can help target these different audiences with ease without affecting your other campaign work. 

Let Promotional Packaging Tell Your History

Organizing a major initiative, like an anniversary, requires a lot of planning and coordination. You might be tempted to simply choose some item to commemorate the anniversary, hand them out in a ceremony of sorts, and call it good. 

promotional packaging

But think about the whole experience. 

Popular items, like commemorative coins or other small trinkets, lend themselves well to anniversaries. They're unobtrusive and inoffensive. But as a standalone, they don't say much. This is where promotional packaging can do that heavy lifting. 

Use the real estate on our FlashPads or FlashPad Wallets to tell people why this anniversary matters--and show them, too. These items are lightweight and cost-efficient but you won't sacrifice quality. These items can be personalized both inside and outside. You could include a short history, a timeline, anything that helps to tell the story of your organization.  

promotional packaging

Promotional Packaging Allows for Seamless Audience Differentiation

Planning on sharing items with customers or other external constituents? Save on time and money by increasing the bulk of your commemorative items. But create content on your promotional packaging that provides targeted information. 

Employees have a different understanding of the organization than your other audiences. It will take different content to appeal to them than to a customer, for example. Employees might appreciate a more informal tone. A customer might expect something more formal or deferential. Subtle changes can help you engage all the people with whom you want to share in your celebration. 

Celebrating Milestones with Promotional Packaging

There a million ways in which your organization could celebrate an anniversary or other milestone. And if you're in charge of planning one of these kinds of celebrations, or have done one in the past, pat yourself on the back. It can be hard to take on the role of planning such a public thing. But when it comes to memorial swag items, don't forget to box it up!