Promote Your Business with USB Flash Drives

custom USBAnyone in the business world can find a use for a USB flash drive. Whether it’s transferring important organizational information, or simply to back up personal files. Since the USB is a practically universal application it is also en excellent way to increase brand exposure and promote your business. If you exhibit or attend tradeshows, you know you will be walking out with more stuff than you arrived with. Most of these are promotional knick-knacks, pamphlets, or as Sunrise’s sales staff likes to call “trinkets and trash”. The promotional items that really make the difference are those that will stay on the leads’ desks and be useful to them after the initial meeting. By giving out USB flash drives with your logo and business information at these events, your brand gets immediate exposure any time your prospects use the drive. A few tips to make this work for you; make sure the drive has your logo, tag line, and website url, if you are a start up company or an unknown, the logo may be insufficient information. Make it easy for your prospects to check you out- better yet, spring for the data pre-load so when they decide to use the flash drive (and they will) yous information pops right up and curiosity will take them the rest of the way!