USB Flash Drives

Customize USB Flash Drives

Whether you need a alligator-shaped flash drive for a new zoo opening, or a custom car USB drive for your auto dealership, we have you covered. At Sunrise Packaging, we offer you the opportunity to create custom USB flash drives that are unique to your business needs. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, from metal, wood, or plastic, and personalize with your brand, logo, or mission statement. A personalized flash drive is the perfect daily reminder of your business and can be as sleek and sophisticated or wild and wacky as you need them to be!

Custom USB Drives

Everyone Needs More Space

USB Flash Drives are the perfect solution for mass marketing and event giveaways. Giving prospective-and existing-clients a fully-functioning USB flash drive is a thoughtful, useful office tool. A valuable gift that will definitely see repetitive use. Not just another business card to be tossed away, a personalized USB drive can strengthen your brand's presence and visibility. Digitally print or silk screen your logo, brand, and even business contact information on a USB flash drive.

• A Valuable Gift at Trade Shows
• A Professional Reminder of Your Contact Info
• Offer a Custom Flash Drive to Hotel or Conference Guests

Custom USB Drive

Load Your Data. Share Your Brand.

Sunrise Packaging offers wholesale flash drives with a data preload feature. Simply provide us with the files you want stored on your custom flash drives, and we will load your data onto all the drives in your order. No agonizing off individual loading before your big trade show appearance. Write-protected, read-protected, and partitioned drives available. Give your clients and guests and interactive presentation they'll never forget.


Add Music, Documents, Videos and More!


Upgrade Custom USB Drives with Attractive Flash Drive Packaging


Software Demos, Links, Instructional Videos, and Specialized Marketing in a Compact, Modern Format.


Provide Potential Clients with a Functional, Memorable Tool that Motivates!

Think Outside the Box

FlashPad_customized_USB-PackagingYou are never limited to only what you see on this site. View our available options, see custom flash drive solutions we have had in the past, and get ideas for unique USB flash drives that could be the perfect fit for your brand, business, or organization. Pair with a fully-customized FlashPad™ and use the extra visual real estate to deliver an upscale presentation as strong as what's inside.




Have another idea about your custom USB Flash Drive? Contact Sunrise Packaging or request a quote today!