Stock USB Packaging

A variety of stock USB packaging cases to choose from

Simply go to our Online store to view all of the USB drive cases we have to offer. As an economical alternative to creating your own custom USB package, choose from our stock collection and simply insert custom print to create a unique and affordable USB case- its a win-win!




No room in your budget for custom manufacturing? Need a USB packaging solution with timely delivery? Our stock flash drive packaging selection offers a fast solution without sacrificing quality. Shop online for quick ordering, or contact Sunrise Packaging to learn more about stock USB packaging options.


Don't forget! Just because we stock it, doesn't mean we can't customize it! Most of our stock USB packaging solutions are customizable with digital print that we provide here in-house!


sFlash USB Drive Case

sFlash mini USB Case

Same concept as the sFlash, only mini! This is a smaller, compact case for any standard USB drive. Also capable of applying custom graphics.


FlashPac DVD-USB Case

FlashPac Case

The FlashPac is even more similar to an injection molded DVD case because, well, it is also injection molded. Unlike the cases with foam to hold USB drives, the FlashPac Case is a super clear case with plastic hubs that hold the drive in place. This case is also available with a disc hub to combine your media formats.

sFlash USB Case

This case is similar in size to a standard DVD case. Includes pre-cut foam to hold a standard USB flash drive, but can be customized to hold any desired drive. Customize the case with your own graphic design!

Simply request a quote and our friendly sales team will be in touch with you ASAP. Questions about artwork requirements and formatting? Check out our support page complete with artwork requirements, privacy policy, and terms of use!