Custom Power Bank Packaging

New Product. New Solutions.

PowerPad PackagingA variant of the ever-popular FlashPad, the PowerPad provides all the same great customization features but redesigned for the newest promotional product hitting convention floors around the world: the power bank.

While they make a great giveaway and are easily as customizable, the power bank can't store media like the flash drive. However, it is more practical. More handy. Coupled with the generous visual real estate offered by our new PowerPad, your personalized power banks can be accompanied with vivid, full-color graphic design, informative blurbs and contact information, all with the luxurious, soft-touch feel of a hardcover book.

Luxury on the Lighter Side.

Like any great piece of presentation packaging, the PowerPad is constructed of rigid chipboard, able to be embossed, debossed, or foil stamped for a presentation as tactile as it is visual. The diecut foam insert is precisely fit to whatever style power banks you choose. We can even supply you with those too. All part of our commitment to full-service assembly and fulfillment.


Customized power banks are portable and fashionable, yet affordable enough to make great giveaways and door prizes. These devices can be charged like a battery, but store the juice until you need it most. Then just plug in your phone, tablet or any other USB-powered device and charge away. Power banks offer a useful gift for their recipients. More battery life means more freedom. A power bank personalized with your business information is a powerful reminder of your organization, one that will receive daily viewings.

Custom Coast Box with PowerBank

Custom Coast Box with PowerBank

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