Custom USB Drives

CustomFlashDrives2Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, a personalized USB drive is the perfect giveaway for tradeshows, conventions, and expos. More exciting than a pamphlet, and able to hold much more interactive information, the flash drive is the best method for storing, transporting and sharing data. Include instructional videos, mp3 music, software demos, and links to websites, all while giving your prospective clientele a worthwhile gift. A gift that can be customized to include your name, logo, and phone number. As a promotional marketing tool, the USB drive is unmatched.

Load Your Information to Share

black swivel usb driveSunrise Packaging also offers a data preload feature; simply provide us with the files you want stored on your custom USB drive, and we will load your data onto all of the drives in your order and place inside any of your USB packaging products.

The FlashPad

custom usb packaging_flashpad_it's always sunny in minnesota_sunrise packaging

Customized pads add remarkable value to any product, including flash drives. A promotional USB drive is a great way to create a digital portfolio, or turn a storage device into a multimedia presentation. To reflect what’s stored within, use our signature FlashPad™. Let the soft-touch lamination and polished turned edges of these USB packaging products paint a brighter picture of your company or cause. Use the ample space and crisp graphics to include exciting visuals that will give your organization the edge at trade shows and conventions.


Custom USB Kits

Custom Turned Edge USB Boxes and KitsTurn a simple USB flash drive into a presentation kit with an upscale, turned edge box. Create memorable, giftable packaging for a items big and small. Kitting a flash drive as a custom display kit allows the inclusion of other souvenirs such as pens, mugs, or product samples, all nestled in precise, professional die cut foam. Adding gift items along with a personalized flash drive makes a big impression, especially as a launch kit for new products. Or use the flash drive to include supplemental material about the product.

Power Banks

four multicolored power banksA personalized power bank is the definition of a practical souvenir. A promotional item with plenty of space for adding a custom logo or contact information, a power bank makes a great giveaway for business expos, conferences, or even sporting events. With a charged power bank, potential clients will have more freedom to explore the convention floor or have the extra battery life to snap an extra picture of your product demo. A useful tool, doubling as an everyday reminder of your company.


The PowerPad

Power-Pad_custom_power_bank_packaging_baby_DA thicker version of the FlashPad, the PowerPad is designed to hold a power bank as a promotion for your business or organization. Fit with the same secure, sturdy die cut foam, your power bank packaging will have the charm of fine hardcover book. A sharp binding and expertly turned edges will give your power bank more room for personalization, while retaining the upscale standard of presentation packaging. Thumb notches make it easier to pull and replace the product, while the packaging itself acts as a storage unit.

Stock Flash Drive Packaging

stock_usb_packaging_flash_drive_casesAre you looking for a more standard USB packaging products? As an economical alternative to creating your own custom USB packaging solution, Sunrise Packaging has a variety of stock USB cases to choose from. Simply visit our online store to view all of the USB drive cases we have to offer. Choose from our stock collection and in many cases we can still personalize with custom printing or include a custom insert for securing a flash drive. The best of both worlds, without sacrificing the personal touch.

Custom Flash Drive Packaging

USB postcardStill looking for something? Perhaps a truly custom packaging solution, created exclusively for you or your company, would fit the bill. Our packaging experts have decades of experience designing distinctive packaging products tailor-made for a product or organization. Pairing a uniquely-shaped or personalized flash drive with packaging designed to complement a brand makes for nearly endless customization options. Handles, magnets, compartments–we will work with you to create something absolutely standout.