Your organization will greatly benefit from using USB flash drives for data storage, transport, and sharing. While using cloud computing for data management is popular and growing, a USB Flash drive in your hand is a guarantee.


A Useful & Relevant Business Tool

At Sunrise Packaging, we have found that USB flash drives can fulfill a variety of functions for any organization. Businesses use them for keeping important documents, forms, and other information at hand- without using up paper resources or office space.

As a marketing or promotional tool, the USB flash drive is unmatched. They are the perfect giveaway for tradeshows or even simply to prospective clientele.


USB Flash drives do everything a promotional giveaway needs to achieve in order to be worthwhile:

  • Represent your brand, company, or logo
  • Contain a clear, concise message with content and examples
  • Provide the recipient with a useful tool, so it will not be thrown away
  • Relevant to your company and marketing message

Custom USB flash drives

Customize USB Flash Drive

We are offering you the opportunity to create a USB flash drive product that is unique to your organization’s needs. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, and customize with your brand logo or organizational mission statement! Purchasing wholesale flash drives for your company saves you money and represents your brand.

Load Your Information to Share

Sunrise Packaging also offers a data preload feature; simply provide us with the files you want to be on your flash drive product, and we will load your data onto all of the drives in your order!

Custom Flash Drive Packaging

Custom Flash Drive Packaging

As a custom packaging manufacturer, Sunrise Packaging has created unique boxesbindersclamshells, blisters, and more for a wide range of products. The USB Flash drive is one of them! If you don’t want your flash drive to get lost in the shuffle, create an outstanding custom package for it.

There are small USB cases for easy transport and unique USB cases like the FlashPad™. When it comes to custom USB packaging, Sunrise has the capabilities to create anything under the sun. Create your custom USB flash case to hold other media along with it such as discs or booklets.

Stock Packaging for USB drives


Stock Flash Drive Packaging

Sunrise Packaging has a variety of stock USB cases to choose from. Simply go to our Online store to view all of the USB drive cases we have to offer. As an economical alternative to creating your own custom USB package, choose from our stock collection and simply insert custom print to create a unique and affordable USB case- its a win-win!