Custom USB Drives

Custom USB Drives

More exciting than a pamphlet, personalized USB drives are the perfect giveaway for tradeshows, conventions, and expos. Flash drives are the best, most influential method for storing, transporting and sharing data.

Loading USB Drive

Load Your Info to Share

Sunrise Packaging also offers a hassle-free data preload feature. Simply provide us with the files you want stored on your custom USB drive, and we will load the data onto all the drives in your order.

Fl Poly FlashPad

The FlashPad™

Customized pads add remarkable value to any product, including flash drives. A promotional USB drive is a great way to create a digital portfolio, or turn a storage device into a multimedia presentation.

Two Piece Setup Box

Custom USB Kits

Turn a simple USB flash drive into a presentation kit with an upscale, turned edge box. Create memorable, giftable packaging for a items big and small. "Kitting" can include items such as pens, mugs, or product samples, all nestled in precise die cut foam.

Power Banks

Power Banks

A personalized power bank is the definition of a practical souvenir. A promotional item with plenty of space for adding a custom logo or contact information, a power bank makes a great giveaway for business expos, conferences, or even sporting events.

PowerPad Packaging

The PowerPad

The PowerPad is designed to hold a power bank as a promotion for your business or organization. Fit with sturdy die cut foam, power bank packaging has the charm of fine hardcover book, allowing more visual real estate.

Vikings Custom USB Pad


Looking for something truly custom? Guide our packaging experts to create a unique product. We have decades of experience designing distinctive packaging products tailor-fit to you.

Custom USB Packaging

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Get inspired by discovering some of our custom USB packaging projects created for our clients. At Sunrise, we keep you in control of the customization while delivering our expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

sFlash USB Drive Case

Stock USB Packaging

Looking for more standard USB packaging products? Sunrise Packaging has a variety of stock USB cases to choose from. Visit our online store to discover even more USB drives.