Pokemon GO Power On-The-Go

When hunting pokemongo, don't forget your power on-the-go bank!

You’ve slogged through parking lots, meadows, and yards. You’re sweaty and tired, but you’re oh-so-close to the most elusive. Pikachu. You’re finally face-to-face with the yellow critter, and you wind up to strike when….your screen goes blank. Hours of Pokemon Go hunting have drained your battery, and there’s no chance for power on-the-go. Unless, of course, you grabbed a power bank prior to heading out for the day’s adventure.

Although it’s only been available for under a month, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. For the uninitiated, Pokemon Go is the latest iteration of the role-playing Pokemon game. In essence, players are “trainers” and they catch made-up creatures (collectively known as Pokemon, but each with individual characteristics and evolutionary features). The trainers can send their Pokemon into battles against those of other trainers, and new concepts, levels, and other features help the game stay fresh. Pokemon Go has taken all of these features and packaged it into mobile device form. It turns the game into a virtual/augmented reality, where Pokemon appear in front of you. It’s a gamer’s paradise.

Pokemon Go: Friend or Foe?

The game itself has been alternately praised and condemned. Praised for getting kids (and adults) more exercise and out of the house as they look around for Pokemon and other game features. Criticized for causing accidents (don’t Pokemon and drive) and disrupting events or locations of respect (i.e. the Holocaust Museum). Additionally, the craze is causing people to run through their mobile device data incredibly quickly. It’s also your phone battery’s worst nightmare.

Smartphone battery life is a highly-relative topic. Some might be able to go a day or two without charging. Most of us have to charge daily. And if you’re an avid Pokemon Go trainer, that constant backlit screen, data usage and use in general take a toll. Soon enough, you can be sure that the hunt for Pokemon will turn into a hunt for a charge or power on-the-go source.

Power On-the-Go SourcePower Bank provides power on-the-go

There are basically three options for trainers:

  1. Carry an extra charged battery
  2. Invest in a new phone case with embedded battery
  3. Charge up a power bank (or two)

Many phones don’t allow users to take the back case off without some tools, and battery cases aren’t cheap (and they add a lot of weight to phones). So for most of us, the best use is going to be investing in power banks. As a source of power on-the-go, power banks are awesome. They’re fairly light and don’t add much bulk to the device. Best of all, if you invest in a rapid cable or quick charger, you’ll be back up and hunting in a matter of minutes.

So which solution is the very best? It’s up to you!