Power Bank Packaging & Safety

Custom Coast Box with Power Bank packaging safety

Depending on how desperate you are for a charge, you might consider plugging your smartphone or other mobile device into a questionable power source. This is part of the reason why power banks have been on the rise. Their mobility and flexibility make it easy to charge your devices anywhere, even walking around in your purse. However, there are some other considerations when it comes to power bank packaging and safety. power bank packaging

What do you mean by power bank packaging and safety?

We all heard about Samsung’s issues with the recent Note release…you know, the one that spontaneously combusted and was lampooned on ‘Silicon Valley’ this past season. Power banks have the capacity to do some damage to your expensive smartphone as well. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your power bank safety: 

  1. Inspect the device and the cables included
    ZDNet reports that, of the products tested that failed, half had some sort of damage which was visible. In the power bank itself, look for cracks, bent pins, anything that seems cheap or as if it might fall apart. Pay attention to your cords and plugs as well, feeling for damage or kinks. 
  2. For the first use, keep an eye on the device
    Not everyone has a fireproof stall like ZDNet, but test your power bank in a monitored spot before relying on it to see you through a long flight. Watch for the device to heat up or any bad smells, which could indicate a faulty power bank. 
  3. Check the voltage
    Do you know what’s recommended to charge your phone? Double check the output of the power bank and what your device needs/can handle prior to plugging in. 

Power bank safety is mostly common sense. But in times of stress, we’ve all been prone to making mistakes that our practical mind knows to avoid. Help your customers or prospects (whomever you might be sharing your promotional power banks) by using a bit of your power bank packaging real estate to share these tips. Even the most reputable producers have made mistakes (hello, Samsung). Adding a reminder to users about these things could be helpful for them. 

Power Bank Packaging Could Be A Lifesaver

Including notes to your users about monitoring the first use of the power bank or checking for defects could help them save money. Not to mention the emotional distress that comes from a badly-behaving smartphone. And, once the power bank is proven to be seaworthy, they’re free to enjoy your promotional power bank.