Pokemon Go Power Bank Lures

Chances are, you've heard of Pokemon Go by now. And if you're one of 33 million daily active users, you're definitely aware of its battery-draining abilities. We even wrote about it shortly after the launch in July. At the time, information about the game was still be acquired by everyone, and we learned what was common, what was rare, and best of all, how to attract the little critters. Campuses around the country have started utilizing lures as well. They're great to get students to attend all of those back-to-school type events, and to build interaction between new students. But don't forget to keep the the fun going--consider handing out power banks to students with your institution's name printed on it. Supply the  power with power bank lures on your campus for students.

While numbers are down from the insane launch of Pokemon Go--45 million at its height, and now 12 million lower--they're still trending higher than nearly any other app out there. Sixty-three percent of players are female, and 46% of players are between ages 18-29 (the highest demographic). Forty-six percent make less than $50K. Certainly sounds like the demographic lines up well with college students, huh?

The Lure Module is something users can do to attract more Pokemon and users. Incense can also attract more Pokemon, but they're visible to only you, while lures are visible to everyone. Users either have to purchase them in the Pokemon Go store or they might receive them during level-ups. Lures can only be used at Poke Stops, so keep that in mind when designing your event in conjunction with power bank lures.

If you're still sold on using power bank lures to entice students around campus, Bustle has some more benefits for users: 

Benefits of Power Bank Lures

The Pokemon Come to You
It's not an uncommon sight to see people of any age walking around, spending more time with their eyes on their phones than on the path in front of them. But with a lure, users (aka Pokemon Trainers)  bring the Pokemon to them. 

Turn a Solitary Game Into a Social Event
Typically, said users can catch their Pokemon and move on. Placing lures gives users something to chat about and helps those with not-so-great social skills make friends. Part of the college experience, right?

Attract Less Common Pokemon
This isn't quite Pokemon canon yet, but for many users using a lure or incense module, they tend to attract more uncommon Pokemon. Or at least Pokemon outside the normal range of Pidgey and Rattata.

Highlight Spots on Campus
You can only place lures on existing Poke Stops. Since the map of Poke Stops is based on the one for the game Ingress, and the spots on that map are based on high-traffic public areas, chances are there are a few on your campus. Use these stops and the lures placed there to strategically introduce students to campus as well as hand out power banks.  

Power bank lures can entice students and Pokemon alike

Pokemon Go & Drawing Players

Naturally, to be able to place lures, you need to be a Pokemon Go user (Trainer, if you will). iMore can tell you how to know if you 1) have any lures and 2) how to place them. And we here at Sunrise Packaging can help you make customized power banks to keep your students hunting on the go!