Portable Flashdrive Portfolios

Flashdrive portfolios

Interviewing for a job that you want is stressful, no matter who you are. Interviewees have to look the part, dressing well and taking extra care with appearances. They have to be on top of their game, not mincing words but giving detailed answers to questions. And if you work in a creative field, you know what it is to showcase your portfolio in an interview. It’s the moment when you have to truly show, not just tell. This is what you’ve done, your best work. There are multiple approaches one can take, but they all boil down to this: what is going to easy, foolproof, and run smoothly enough so that it won’t stress me out? We have a quick answer: flashdrive portfolios

Flashdrive Portfolios Won’t Let You Down

A portfolio is the body of work a creative has produced. It’s not always a collection of the typically best work, but more a variety of pieces that speak to different strengths and skills as well as growth. When it comes to interviews, it’s unlikely that someone would bring their entire portfolio to talk through. Most people curate a kind of highlight reel, geared toward the audience and the job itself. 

As a *creative,* so to speak, I’ve run through my portfolio in interviews many, many times. I’ve also tested many, many different options. Here’s a recap of my experiences with hard copies, relying on the internet, and using a custom USB drive. 

Hard Copy Portfolios

As someone who is primarily a writer and web worker, my portfolio includes examples from brochures and collateral for copy writing as well as web design and user experience work. Hard copies don’t work well for the latter. I can print you a webpage, but it doesn’t show you the responsive elements. How the colors meet accessibility requirements. How the interface feels intuitive. I will sometimes leave behind a copy of my portfolio, but I always try to supplement it with another feature. 

Web-Based Portfolios

It might seem safe to assume that the organization in which you will interview has wifi, but always verify first. Some organizations have the wifi locked down and might require a visitor pass or credentials to log in. Double check ahead of time to make sure that there is wifi available, or a flashdrive portfolioscomputer in the room for your use. Not to mention a projector to make it easy for all the interviewers to see your work!

Flashdrive Portfolios

The handiest thing to have in your pocket for a portfolio presentation is a flashdrive with your portfolio on it. Whether you take an old school show-and-tell approach, create a presentation, or simply have a PDF to reference, the flashdrive is the easiest thing for any computer to utilize. Supplementing either of the above options with flashdrive portfolios is the most effective and foolproof way I’ve encountered. 

Ready For Your Next Interview?

Custom flashdrive portfolios ensure that you’re ready for anything. Exceed expectations by rolling with the punches in any possible interview issues!