Portable Batteries Power Campuses

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The battle for bandwidth has begun. On college campuses, at least. EdTech reports that many universities are working hard to meet the bandwidth needs on different campuses. With most students connecting at least two mobile devices to any given network, it’s no easy task. The flip side is finding ways to keep these devices powered up. This is where portable batteries, or power banks, come into play. 

A Revised Hierarchy of Needsportable batteries

You might be familiar with the pyramid to the side. It was developed by Braham Maslow as a theory for human motivation; the bottom represents the most basic needs and decreases as it climbs upward. In it’s modern interpretation, wifi and battery power are placed at the bottom. It’s a joke that’s kind of not really a joke anymore. Particularly when it comes to college students. 

The social aspects of our smartphones are one thing, but increasingly, students use their mobile devices as academic tools. They can look things up, check in on email, and provide a flexible environment for learning. This usage is part of what’s driving campuses to meet connectivity demands. Ok, that and Netflix binges. 

The Need for Portable Batteries

While Netflix and other streaming tools eat up the bandwidth, they also eat up battery time, too. Power banks, which provide portable power to users, are one way universities can combat this drain on resources. Customizing USB power bank packaging is a great way to introduce students to campus. Savvy consumers can include information on connectivity on the packaging as well, like which network to use for which device. They can also include any other relevant information. Like at Cornell University, if students go over 150GB per month, they’ll be charged $1.54 per GB.

Personalized power banks are easily one of the most functional things a college can give to incoming students. With the different options available for customization as well as packaging, Sunrise Packaging can help create something truly unique. Portable batteries not only serve the social needs of students, but academics as well. 

Portable Batteries & Bandwidth

The need to offer robust wireless service on campuses, from the dining hall to dorm rooms, isn’t going away anytime soon. And neither is the need to keep all of these devices running. Custom power banks and portable batteries can keep the power on. We’ll leave it to the IT experts to meet the bandwidth needs!

If your campus could use some help generating a little extra power, contact our representatives today.