Photos and Flash Drives

turned edge USB caseDistributing commissioned photography to clients and their loved ones can be a tricky business. On one hand, you want to present your final set of photos in a memorable way that your clients will cherish and keep….of course, remember your business and use you in the future too. On the other hand, you want the pictures to be accessible for you clients to use them as they please without taking advantage of your hard work. For photography studios and freelancers we suggest our very own turned edge Flashpad™. Buy large quantities of customized USB drives and Flashpad™ cases designed by YOU! This is a great way to represent your personal brand as a photographer and even show off some examples of your work. With custom turned edge manufacturing you submit your artwork to be used as the outside wrap. Maybe you prefer to continue using a disc to distribute your work: no problem! Ask about our Permavue™ single disc mailers. They offer the same benefits from rigid packaging as the Flashpad™, but they have a single disc hub and minimal spine making them easy and affordable to distribute via mail.