Phone Charger + KFC = Watt-A-Box

KFC watt a box phone charger power bank

If you love your phone and deep-fried chicken, live/are traveling in India and forgot your phone charger…well, have we got something for you.

It’s the latest in a line of interesting tech/fast food intersections (like the Pizza Hut robots). The limited edition ‘Watt-A-Box‘ includes a built-in mobile phone charger (Minnesota-based Sunrise does not make these) alongside patrons’ orders of chicken, burgers, and fries (also not Sunrise products), and is currently only available in India. Following China and in front of the US when it comes to mobile devices, India’s smartphone market features a variety of increasingly-affordable plans. A July 2015 study showed that the average Indian spends almost three hours on their phone every day. Access to power up is at a premium.

What Does a Phone Charger Have to Do with Fast Food?

As mentioned previously, this is hardly the first time that restaurants have tried to use technology connections to increase foot traffic, and specifically mobile power options. In 2014 Starbucks initiated the trend by installing powermat wireless charging for devices in designated areas on tables and counters. Fast food spots are more commonly offering wifi, more outlets, and, in this case, power banks to keep consumers alive and mobile.

But what’s precipitating this move to offering more tech? And is it effective?

Well, it’s no secret that society relies more and more on smartphones. When you see a group of high schoolers sitting together, chances are that they’re looking at their more phones more often than at each other. Offering the services that they want to socialize–namely, wifi and a phone charger–and it’s a win. For adults, it’s a chance to possibly catch up on work (or Facebook) while catching a quick, cheap meal.

From a business perspective, studies show that offering amenities like wifi and power do result in consumers spending more time in an establishment as well as more money. For KFC, this also translates to marketing dollars. While it’s unclear if the phone charger is reusable or rechargeable, it could create more buzz as folks carry them around. Since there are officially more mobile devices than people in the world? It might be a good investment.

A Better Power Bank / Phone Charger Does Exist

Of course, there is a way around all of this fast food consumption when you need power while traveling. Power banks can provide a surprising amount of power for more than just smartphones. As in anything that can be charged via USB. Best of all, Sunrise DOES provide packaging for these kinds of banks, so get in touch with our sales team to learn more.