Packaging Flashdrives for Style & Efficiency

Flashdrive packaging for City_Lights_Custom_USB_Packaging

Let's face it: when it comes to packaging flashdrives, it's time for some innovation. 

As technology moves forward, so should the usefulness of the tools we use. USB drives have stood the test of time. As they've increased in size, so has their usefulness. While some people might contest that, I give them the same challenge posed by Paul Dourish. The writer for The Atlantic acknowledged that the world is more interconnected than ever. Yet, if two people in a meeting want to share files, nothing is faster than grabbing a USB stick and handing it over. Yes, Apple's Airdrop is probably the closest thing that alleviates these frustrations, but even so. One must have right version of devices and configurations. 

Flashdrives show that even as technology moves forward, some things are never left behind. Their basic qualities are what make them so universally useful. It makes sense that packaging for these handy tools should reflect their versatility and hardiness. 

Packaging Flashdrives for Current Audiences

As a standby of conferences for ages, sharing flashdrives with customers (or soon-to-be customers) is an opportunity for enhanced engagement. Branding custom USB drives is just the first step. Capitalize on that initial interaction with a FlashPad

The FlashPad is our most popular packaging option for USB sticks. The photos to the side showcase some of the luxury packaging options available in this pint sized format. AKF Group, as a full-service engineering consultant group, needs items that speak to their brand and aesthetic. To achieve that, Sunrise used soft-touch lamination to give the rigid casing some... Well, softness. 

Adding that kind of tactile feature is just one way to grab the attention of a user. Additionally, for packaging flashdrives, there needs to be some mechanism to hold it firmly in place. Our solution? Thermoformed custom foam inserts. They provide just enough padded protection to keep nearly anything secure. 

More Than Flashdrive Packaging

Our FlashPads can be used for a variety of marketing endeavors. They can add a little flair to business cards (and not just business card USB drives).  Car dealerships can add their own branding alongside the vehicle with custom key fob packaging

Got an idea for the FlashPad? Get in touch today!