New Study: Promo Flash Drives Have High Retention

USB Flash Drives

We already know about the amazing marketing power of custom flash drives, but some new numbers are reinforcing it.

In a recent press release, the ASI Ad Impressions Study confirms some interesting factoids about flash drives, specifically branded drives for promotional use. The decade-old study keeps track of the biggest trends in marketing, and flash drives look to be at the top of the list. Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting ones.

usb fact 345% of U.S. Consumers Own Promo Flash Drives

That’s a doozy? About half of consumers are sporting branded flash drives–and you were worried about your visibility. That’s pretty good retention for any kind of promotion, especially email. The reusability of a flash drive makes it a marketing tool with staying power.


usb fact 1

New Hampshire and California are Really Into USB Drives

So much so that they each named a customized drive as their #1 most influential promo item. It’s no surprise that these progressive, trendsetting states see the value in a promotional flash drive. California is home to Silicon Valley, the hub of all cutting-edge technology and, in a world where most computers have given up disc drives and hard drives for USB ports, this statistic makes a lot of sense.


Utility_is_key_promo_flash_drive_factFunctionality is King (or Queen)

7% of people keep promo flash drives because of how they look. Maybe they have a unique design, or are shaped like a cartoon character they love. But most (91%) keep them because they’re useful. Whether you like them because they’re fashionable, or because they’re reusable, or because they simply let you store and transfer all your media–you don’t have to be a math whiz to see that nearly flash drives have nearly 100% of people are keeping their branded flash drives.

While these numbers are nice to see on paper, promotional USB drives are kind of a no-brainer. Nothing else fits the bill quite like a flash drive. Sporting your name and logo like a business card, filled with interactive media like a presentation, and a useful, reusable gift that beats out any novelty pen you can get at a trade show, promo flash drives can do it all. Especially when paired with custom packaging–move over pamphlets!

For more promotional insight, see ASI’s entire study here, and contact Sunrise Packaging to make the jump into the future of marketing.

Images: ASI Impressions Study 2016