Music Packaging in the New Age

music packaging

There are a few things that we really love here at Sunrise Packaging. The first is, of course, unique packaging styles. We've pioneered some great innovations by updating the classic cigar box with magnets and others. But the cherry on top is our FlashPad. It's unique and versatile. And one of our other favorite things? Unique USB drives. And we love it when a project brings these together like music packaging projects do.

While the FlashPad could hold a CD just as well as a USB drive, the FlashPad generally doesn't offer quite the amount of protection that a fragile compact disc requires. There are also concerns of scratching and the reduced sound quality that comes with the necessary compression. Using flashdrives for music provides better quality and higher level of safety. Not to mention that there are a TON of unique flash drives out there to meet every need.

Music Packaging & USB Sticks

The example to a right is a project we created with Prism Music. Prism Music creates music products for church music ministries. While they might not have it in their mission statement, helping bring congregations into the 21st century is function of their products.

For this project, we took our standard FlashPad and created a design to speak to the customer. It reflects the look of a bound book. A comparison further enhanced by the flap-like opening mechanism. Our FlashPads all consist of the same construction, but the elements can be swapped out. For example, in this project we used a custom foam insert on the inside. But other projects might call for a different material, like chipboard or corrugated cardboard.

This project does not disappoint on the unique USB drives, either. The cutout in the insert secures a wooden USB drive in place, a targeted appeal to the customer base.

Asses Your Music Packaging Needs

This product creates something tangible for customers, allowing them to connect in a way that streaming doesn't quite do. Music packaging used to be a way for artists to express themselves and give context to their music. We're happy to bridge the gap from record liner notes to the digital age with our FlashPads and unique flashdrives.

When you're ready to discuss your music packaging needs, reach out to Sunrise!