The Most Influential Promotional Product

A couple weeks ago, we covered a new report highlighting the awesome retention of promotional USB drives. This week, the news gets even better.

ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), the company that conducted the study, has released another finding from their report. According to this week’s press release, ASI has named the flash drive as the #1 Most Influential Promotional Product. Presented as a top-5 list, the findings rank a custom USB drive better for business than clothing, drinkware, and writing instruments.

So not only are USB drives better marketing than a pen–so are cups and shirts! Oh how the mighty have fallen.

This conclusion makes a lot of sense. As a promotional item, a flash drive is exponentially better than any other form of “Stuff We All Get” making its way around trade shows and conventions. For starters, it packs more info than a pen or a coffee mug. It’s tough fitting your name and address on a pen, sure, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Flash drives can hold it all–digitally. We’ve all at one point or another had to design some sort of promotional material. No matter how big your medium, there’s always something you wish could’ve made the cut. More pictures, more vibrant pictures, an extra website name. Well, a flash drive can fit all that–on the inside. You can have the the most vibrant pictures, or streaming video! Don’t just include the name of your website–link to it! Don’t just talk about your new software–give them a demo! Are you getting the big picture here?

Not to mention, flash drives are just cool. They are the pinnacle of tech savviness. Everyone wants one, everyone needs one. It’s the gift of more space than nobody can turn down.

If you’re worried about sacrificing the visual real estate of a paper pamphlet for a functional flash drive–don’t! With USB packaging, like our signature FlashPad™, you can have your cake and eat it too. Stunning visuals meet modern digital storage, folded into a cool, hardcover press kit.

flash drive catalog


Long story short, if your business needs some visibility, consider giving it a boost with a custom USB drive and flash drive packaging: the peanut butter and jelly of the promotional world.