Modern Music Packaging

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It's said that, for many of us, our musical tastes are firmly established by the time we enter adulthood. Luckily, the same doesn't hold true when it comes to designing music packaging in the 21st century. 

While we might not range too far from our favorite tunes, Sunrise always brings a fresh approach to our packaging projects. An opportunity to take our classic FlashPad and turn it into a modern album release is the perfect example of how classic design never really loses its appeal - it just adapts over time.  

Music Packaging for the Next Decade

We recently got to collaborate on an EP release with Layth Sidiq and Rohith Jayaraman. The EP is called 'Hamsa,' a protective sign thought to bring luck, health and good fortune to the owner. Not a bad vibe for anyone involved in the project!

With this in mind, we started considering options for the project, and it wasn't long before the FlashPad rose to the top of starting point list. The versatility ensures that it can rise to the occasion, and in this case, that matched up perfectly. The foam insert holds the custom USB drive snugly to keep it safe and sound. The outer cover allows for a plethora of branding opportunities, including classic album art and track listings. In fact, the overall FlashPad design is about as close to a traditional album you can get (without being an actual record or disc, of course). 

Turn Your Ideas Into Something Tangible

Making music is literally making something out of thin air. Explore your creativity by partnering with us on your next music packaging project. 

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