Micro USB: Smart Phone Compatible

Smart Phone micro USBMicro USB connectors are used for devices smaller than a computer or laptop such as: digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, and so on. Released by the USB-IF in 2007, the micro USB connectors are the most widely used. Intended to replace its predecessor, the Mini plugs, the micro USB reduces the mechanical wear on the device, and the cable is easy to replace if need be. The micro USB is most commonly seen in chargers and cables that connect devices. However since smart phone advancements, mobile devices are used for much more than basic communication. A lot of work and data sharing is taking place on a mobile scale, so other tools and applications need to adapt. For example, USB flash drives now offer a dual action device that is compatible with a micro USB input. At Sunrise, we call it the Smart drive. With one end a standard USB and the other with a micro USB, this flash drive can be plugged into your smart phone, digital camera, and tablet as well as your computer or laptop. Secure data sharing has never been easier!