Media Guide for the Digital Age

Abilene Christian University college football media guide

Football is coming. Depending on your feelings about professional sports, that phrase might incite excitement or be as ominous as its 'Game of Thrones' inspiration. Football has a special place in the heart of America, and nowhere is that more evident than in Texas. As football fans ourselves, we jumped on the chance to create the perfect media guide for Abilene Christian University's college football team.

A media guide is like a sports-focused press kit. It contains information on the team, the players, statistics, history, and other things that can give reporters a well-rounded overview of the team, past and present. It's a kind of sports marketing, but ostensibly used for the media. Although most institutions do provide their media guides to fans, players, etc. In the olden days it would look something like a book or a binder. And, to be honest, we could still create a book or binder if called for. But we were especially excited to find yet another use for our versatile FlashPad.

FlashPad Meets Media Guide

With the 2018 football season underway, ACU football turned to Sunrise Packaging to create customized packaging for their media guide. Breaking tradition by going digital, it changed their needs from a hardbound book-like binder to sleek USB packaging. Naturally, the FlashPad was the perfect fit.

In the examples to the side, you can see how we used their artwork to create a dynamic, branded look for the media guide packaging. Not an inch of real estate was wasted as the back cover includes team information and the inside cover emphasizes the university brand. Digital printing with matte lamination bring the whole package into the end zone to create a stylized impression on the recipients.

Digital Media Guides & Branding

While one might make the argument that a digital media guide could simply be downloaded online, we would argue that it's missing the point. One could also get a college degree online, right? But you miss out on being on a campus. Of sitting in the student section during football games. Adding your voice to the cheers, swelling with the band, hoping for a win.

It's about the experience, not the convenience. And we get that at Sunrise Packaging. Contact our team today to design an experience for your organization.