Marketing with Flash Drives

Custom USB Flash Drives, credit card drive, credit card shaped usb drivePlanning for a marketing campaign can be a daunting task with a lot of unanswered questions. One thing is for sure; campaigns with a targeted audience need a targeted message to go along with it. Marketers that utilize custom USB drives in their campaigns deliver this message with a branded product. Not only are flash drives compact and easy to use, they are capable of holding a fairly large amount of information, documents, or even directing the user to a specific landing page. The use of flash drives in marketing campaigns started with auto manufacturers and dealerships to promote new cars and mechanical details. Since then, the practice continues to branch off to all kinds of businesses large and small alike.

Flash drives also have a very strong lasting appeal. Contrary to traditional printed media or digital presented in CDs, flash drives do end up in pockets instead of a trashcan. According to a recent research flash drives have three times as more likelihood of being utilized more than 3 times as compared to a traditional catalog, especially if the drive size is over 4GB.