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Marketing is an interesting business. Tactics and strategies abound. But at the end of the day, the return on investment (or ROI) numbers will tell us what's considered a *good* marketing campaign. It doesn't mean the flashiest, most modern marketing effort will be the most effective. Sometimes, depending on the industry, investing in old-fashioned mailer packaging will generate the most interest.

The idea might sound crazy to younger entrepreneurs. The world has become increasingly paperless, with email and the Internet taking the place of interoffice communication and order forms. But there's no denying the specific delight of a tangible piece. Something to carry and take with you. Not just a screenshot or a an email Yes, you can still drive traffic online, but maybe it's time to make that first touchpoint a literal touch point.

How To Do Mailer Packaging Right

Mailer packaging, or a paper-based marketing strategy, should follow the 40-40-20 rule:

  • 40% of your success will come from how effective your mailing list is
  • 40% will depend on how compelling your offer is
  • 20% will come from everything else

That 'everything else' means the design, copy and text, images, delivery date, and more. Sunrise can help take some of this 20% off your hands. We have decades of experience designing unique packaging solutions. Not to mention some great, ready-to-go pieces like the FlashPad at our fingertips. The FlashPad takes a pad, or custom foam insert, and places it between rigid chipboard. It's a secure packaging style that works well for a variety of products. The simple design allows for literally limitless versatile options.

In the example, you can see that we made two pieces for Lehigh Cement Company. The custom FlashPad and SBS mailer make the most of the real estate available. It's a reminder that a good collaboration between design and content strategy will drive home not only your marketing messages, but bring true value to customers as well. And it contains a literal value proposition in the form of concrete samples to be shared inside the FlashPad. A touch point... and a 'touchpoint,' if you will.

Mailer Presentation Packaging

Adding a paper-based marketing strategy to your marketing portfolio won't make sense for every organization. There are too many variables for us to make that kind of blanket statement, from industry to customer base and more. However, we can say that, if you should choose to explore creating mailer pieces or want to leverage our FlashPad, we're here.

Sunrise Packaging, located in Blaine, Minnesota (just north of Minneapolis), is the area's lead packaging company. We thrive on unique projects and helping organizations reach their full potential. Learn more from our sales team today!