Life in a Flash

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If you had to tell someone who you were with the contents of a flash drive, what would you put on it? Where would you begin?

For me, I want people to know that I’m a writer, and that it’s a huge slice of my life. So I’d probably fill a huge portion of a flash drive with writing-related material. I’d start with a writing sample, a PDF of a short story or a work in progress. Maybe even a e-copy of the book I wrote! I would probably include multiple formats of it, so that no matter what reading device the recipient was using, he or she could read my book.

You know, I commissioned a theme song for the book, I should add that mp3. Actually, since the story is set in the 80s–because I love the 80s–I have a killer soundtrack picked out I could easily link to the Spotify playlist version, that way anybody listening would automatically be sharing my soundtrack over social media.

Social Media! I forgot about my writing page on Facebook, my Twitter feed. I would love some new followers, I could totally link to that. In fact, I should just link my flash drive right to my blog. That’s got plenty of personal writing, stories, adventures, pictures…

Pictures! I should include pictures. There’s a great one of me at my first book signing, way up north just a few feet from Lake Superior. Now that’s a sight I will never forget. I should put that on the flash drive too. Along with my podcast. After all, my career as a radio personality isn’t going to start itself. Should probably link to the podcast too–that’s just smart.

I should probably mention my game design ambitions if this flash drive is really going to give an accurate depiction of me. Right now, it’s just a card game, but I have some artwork that I’m really proud of. I could probably make a flash game of it pretty easily, or an app–maybe I could include a playable demo!

This could be the greatest portfolio of all time! Why am I not doing this right now?!

Oh, right. I was in the middle of something. I was asking you a question. So to reiterate: what would you put on a flash drive to tell someone else about you, your work, your company, your idea, or your brand?

And as a follow-up: why aren’t you doing it right now?