Homework on USB drive leads to arrest of a teen burglar

key_flash_drives_behind_barsHow many thieves have been caught because they left their homework at the scene of the crime? This may sound like a weird question, but for police in Orem, Utah, they can answer that question with ONE.

Authorities in Utah recently tracked down a teen burglar who left a backpack at the house that he broke into. Inside that backpack was a USB computer drive that contained data including the suspect’s homework with his name on it. which then led to his arrest.

The USB belonged to 18-year-old Dallas Naljahih. After the discovery of the USB, he was arrested.

A few days earlier, a 75-year-old man and his wife called the police to report that their house had been the target of a burglary. The husband was woken up by a light coming from his office and said that he found a man looking through his desk.

The man was punched by the suspect once he was discovered in the home and then the suspect fled the scene of the crime, leaving the backpack with the incriminating evidence, the USB.

Police found Naljahih  sleeping in his home along with more evidence to connect him to the burglary.