Why Higher Ed USB Drives Make the Perfect Gift

higher ed usb drives

Cross channel marketing is everywhere nowadays, but just starting to bleed into the higher education realm, which tends to take a slower approach to adapting trends. They tend to avoid that *shiny object syndrome* that can easily captivate–and manipulate–less seasoned industries. While it varies from institution to institution, marketing for colleges and universities is a slow burn. It’s brand recognition and developing a rapport as an institution. While institutions are starting to dip their toes in the water earlier for more experimental types of marketing, there’s still a degree of formality to it. That’s why higher ed USB drives are the perfect marketing tool for both prospecting and retention. 

Wait, Why Higher Ed USB Drives?

USB drives straddle that perfect line between functionality and comfort. Many institutions are uncomfortable with trends–how many are currently utilizing Snapchat or other mediums that are proven to be where their target audience spends a lot of time?–and need reassurance. Reassurance that the tool in which they’ve invested is something they understand, but it also needs to work for their audience. There’s a little bit of generation-gap divide between how administrators think their audience consumes information, and how their audience *really* consumes information. 

Luckily, higher ed USB drives meet both needs. They’re just old school enough that current administrators feel comfortable using them. Flash drives are also still relevant enough for a young audience not to toss in the garbage. It’s a generation that has always used flash drives to store information. And these days, the advantages to using custom flash drives for higher ed marketing are plentiful. 

Higher Ed Marketing with Flash Drives

St Leo FlashPad Kit flashdrive packagingPortable storage for laptops and phones

Storage on phones, particularly those that don’t allow for additional storage, is a problem plaguing practically anyone with a smartphone. We all want to keep our photos, edited photos, videos, variations, screenshots, etc. All while not impeding performance. USB drives can lesson that burden by storing content indefinitely or as a go-between a phone and computer. 

They can convey information

Flash drives are designed to hold data. Don’t make the mistake of handing out higher ed USB drives without putting some information on them! Be creative. For prospects, it could be information about the campus, their program of interest, anything that a prospect might need to make a decision to attend. For recent admits?  Campus maps, scholarship applications, timelines for their program, important dates, the list goes on. And for current student, it could similar. Or take a targeted approach, like cyber security awareness tips or general computer maintenance.

Higher ed USB drives are cost effective

What sells administrators on an idea more than hearing that it’s cost effective? Custom USB drives, along with packaging for flash drives, can lower costs in multiple areas at once. Think of the cost that goes into your printing budget…PDFs, pamphlets, flyers, etc. Digitizing them is much more efficient. Errors can be easily corrected, documents easily updated yearly, and all it takes is loading it on to a customized flash drive. 

Get Started

The options are pretty limitless when it comes to how you can market colleges and universities on custom USB drives. Contact Sunrise today to find out more on designing a package perfect for your students.