Higher Ed Flashdrives Bring Versatility to Campus

university and higher ed flashdrives

Higher ed flashdrives are one of the most versatile options out there when it comes to promotions. 

Okay, yes, we might be slightly biased when it comes to creating packaging for these types of customized giveaways. But it's with good reason. Higher education is about knowledge. Sharing it, preserving it, and advancing it. USB drives assist in this exchange of information seamlessly.

Creating flashdrive packaging for colleges and universities is always a fun project. The variety of implementation and ideas that people bring to standard products, like the FlashPad or FlashPad Wallet, is always different. Institutions can customize products to make them unique, and showcase what's special about their campus. 

Our custom packaging solutions have worked for many colleges and universities. Below, we profile a recent project completed for the University of Hawaii. 

Higher Ed Flashdrives as Class Catalogs

The University of Hawaii-Hilo worked with us to create custom flash drive packaging. This product will hold a USB drive with their catalog loaded onto it, making accessible to their audience without wifi and without printing. 

For this custom FlashPad project, Sunrise Packaging used digital printing for crisp graphics and matte lamination. Inside, the custom foam insert will hold the personalized USB stick. The entire project is designed to match the University of Hawaii-Hilo's branding, featuring their signature colors, icons, and seal. We love the little seal detail under the flashdrive cutout in the foam!

In the past, we've worked with different institutions with different needs. While the catalog is one great option for higher ed flashdrives, plenty of other applications exist. One institution used flashdrives to share admissions information. Another hosted their orientation via a flashdrive. 

Best of all, these items are great keepsakes for students, faculty, and other campus constituents. 

Drive Campus Engagement

While our custom USB packaging options, like the FlashPad pictured, allow for a variety of branding options, the USB drive itself is the ultimate tool. Even in this age of the cloud, flashdrives are a campus mainstay for transferring information--papers, research, etc--between classrooms, libraries, all around campus.

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