Go Digital with Wedding Flash Drive Packaging

customized credit card drive for flash drive packaging. flashpad, or swiftpack

It’s wedding season. We’re in the thick of it actually. For many couples, the summer is a time of fluttering nerves, excitement, and joy. For wedding photographers, however, the season is a little more cutthroat. It’s an awfully big pond to be making waves in. So what can you do? For starters, find a bigger rock.


Last week, we talked about wedding flash drive packaging and what it can do for couples on their wedding day. While they are a great keepsake/tool/gift for newlyweds, the benefits of USB drives doesn’t stop with just the bride and groom. USB drives are becoming a trend in the wedding photography business as well.


Wedding Flash Drive Packaging


Making a name for yourself is tough in any arena, but imagine trying to start a wedding photography business in the middle of summer. What would you do to stand out? Answer: anything you can. Getting ahead of the curve is important–and we all know the real curve today is the digital one. Custom flash drives are becoming a staple of growing business, and the wedding photography world is no different. They’re sleek, portable, reusable, memorable, and valuable. Everybody needs more space. Flash drives have become the new business card. In fact, they can even look like a business card. Except that this business card can have almost endless space for crisp, digital proofs.


That’s right. Wedding album flash drives can replace a traditional proofs binder. An easy plug-and-play portfolio of your photographs that’s much more mailable and transportable than a physical book. And don’t just hand your client a flash drive, share it with luxurious custom packaging. Fit safely in a FlashPad™ for a high-quality presentation. Put a tuxedo on your credit card drive with a personalized SwiftPack. Really wow your clients. Show them you go the extra mile.

flashpad, custom flash drive packaging personalized usb packaging

You can also turn around and use that same packaging for bridal conventions and tradeshows. Those digital wedding albums will become your digital portfolios, showcasing your artistic photography. You can’t send every potential client home with a hardback binder, can you? Give them a reusable asset, customized with your name, and housing as many examples of your work as you wish. And that attractive packaging does not go unnoticed in the business world.


Remember: wedding flash drive packaging isn’t just the trend in wedding days, they are the cutting edge of wedding photography as well. Consider making this tool part of your business arsenal.