Gift Card Packaging for Corporate Gifts

gift card packaging

As much as you might not want to think about it… The holidays are coming up. And whether your organization is looking hand out gifts to customers or employees (or both), Sunrise can help you craft the perfect packaging. Gift certificates are ideal gifts for organizations. It’s an opportunity to show gratitude as well as reinforce branding. When you’re looking for great customized packaging for gift cards, FlashPads are the way to go.

FlashPads are one of our signature products. Coming in two sizes (check out the wallet), these pads are made of heavy material and wrapped with a digitally-printed liner. Originally designed for flash drives, we quickly saw the potential for a wide range of products. Including gift cards. 

Holiday Gift Card Packaging

Gifts are routine around the holidays. And gift cards are increasingly popular. They’re easy and versatile, and are the perfect option for gifts that need to be purchased in bulk. Not to mention that recipients can put the gift toward something they will definitely enjoy. 

But on their own, gift cards are… A little flimsy. Most gift card packaging consists of floppy cardboard. Adding the padded security of the Flashpad not only adds protection, but ups the gift factor as well. Utilizing the customization features, you can design the perfect custom boxes for your customer or employee gifts. 

In addition to design, consider the content of your personal packages. Not only the sentiment, but what other features – social channels? Your brand? Mission? Values? Are these gifts being offset in any way? And to top it all off, the cavity for the gift card can also hold a business card. 

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

The holiday crush hasn’t quite started yet, but it’s coming just as sure as winter is coming to Westeros. Plan ahead by contacting Sunrise Packaging to create your gift card packaging.