Gift Card Boxes: Packaging For Every Occasion

gift card boxes

Gift cards are the perfect gifts for clients and customers. Gift card boxes shouldn't be an afterthought. 

Organizations thank customers in a variety of ways. Car dealerships might gift gas cards with purchases; a realtor might give new homeowners a gift card to a great restaurant in their new neighborhood. Casinos share personalized loyalty cards. Whatever your organization might be, we guarantee there's a way to share a customized gift through a gift card. 

And like any gift, it's important not to overlook the packaging as part of the gift. There's a difference between a gift card that's just handed to you, and one that involves a little more thought. The good news is that Sunrise can help provide that thought for you. Creating gift card boxes specifically for your organization allows you to not only brand the gift, but also dress it up with the sentiment you want to imbue. 

Options for Gift Card Boxes

Creating packaging for gift cards starts with our FlashPad or FlashPad Wallet.

These customized pads feature turned edges, digital print, and rigid design. The main difference between the two options comes in the size and the padding. While the FlashPad features foam padding and is a bit larger, the Wallet has a custom cavity die cut into the chipboard. It's smaller size makes it ideal to slip into a pocket--hence the name. They can be created for any size, and hold a range of products from USB drives to new car key fobs.

And, of course, gift cards. As gift card holders, these custom pads can also include space for additional things that you organization wants to include, like business cards, pens and more.

Packaging That Fits Every Gift

The variety of industries for whom Sunrise Packaging has created gift boxes speaks to the versatility of the product. The list includes:

  • Car dealership marketing
  • Realtors and real estate brokers
  • University prospect marketing
  • Corporate thank you gifts
  • Hotel front desk and casino loyalty perks

And the list goes on. Businesses love that the FlashPad and Wallet have customizable space in which they can include specific messaging as well as route users to social media or other resources. Additionally, digital printing allows for your brand to take center stage. 

For the perfect gift, turn to gift card boxes. Contact Sunrise today to learn more about how we create the perfect fit!