Foam Flash Drive Packaging

Shown here are various takes on a similar packaging solution stemming from our standardized yet customizable Flashpad™. Each of these cases is different than the next with a different die-cut foam, custom graphic design, and type of flash drive included. Depending on your branding strategy and marketing campaign, you may have completely different needs. What is great about this packaging solution is its versatility! Do not stay trapped with just packaging a flash drive. With custom die-cut foam, package any promotional item that is appropriate for your marketing message and organizational brand! We have seen it all- custom shaped flash drives, credit card drives, thick foam, screen printing, and our favorite, soft touch lamination! Contact us to learn how a simple packaging solution can add major value to your campaign. We have used flashpads™ ourselves as tradeshow giveaways, mail marketing campaigns, and pre-show marketing as well. This turned edge flat with foam pad is such a great way to promote and extend your branding strategy. Request a quote, and let’s get started!