FlashPads for Self-Published Marketing

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Depending on your personal preferences, the state of literature is either in a decline or an ascent. Regardless, it's in a state of flux, and most of this is due to self-publishing. Self-publishing is the ability for aspiring writers to publish their own works,without an agent or a publishing house, for sale through vetted sellers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. It's a movement rooted in the rise of blogs in the earliest days of the web; anyone who wanted a platform can have one, and anyone who wants to publish a novel can, too, regardless of whether or not anyone wants to read or listen. But the self-published marketing scene leaves some things to be desired. As the platforms for selling books is changing, so is the format. Some people say paper copies are down; yet most people, when surveyed, claim to prefer paper to electronic downloads. Here's our happy medium suggestion: USB FlashPads. 

Self-Published Marketing of E-Books

One of the most popular book series of the past decade is the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy which were originally self-published by the author, E.L. James. Widely panned by some, widely appreciated by others, it doesn't matter where you personally fall on the spectrum: the books were published and became a success by an independent author. James is the exception, not the rule, which is why we recommend employing the FlashPad to help sell your works.

Whether you're selling your book as a series or solo, the FlashPad gives you a few different options to enhance your author profile as well as gives your audience some tangible takeaways. Discovering what brand of self-published marketing works for you is one way to the top of the bestseller lists.

self-published marketing with the flashpad

One of the biggest issues with e-books is the lack of a tangible object. With a paper book, readers can carry it with them (regardless of a wifi signal or battery life), they can share with others, and they have the security of knowing that they can come back to it without it disappearing if they forget a log in or a service goes out of business. By selling readers a FlashPad with a flashdrive or USB drive inside, nearly all of these issues are resolved. With the USB, they can load the book onto whichever device they prefer, and also share it with friends (authors might miss out on a bit of income, but increasing readership is the bigger goal for the next book, right?). The reader also gets something more tangible in the form of the USB drive as the FlashPad itself. 

Another possibility is to place a download code on a card inside the FlashPad. If an author is at a public space, and doesn't want the overhead of printing books, a card with a download code can be used to share with potential readers. The download code could be just a snippet of the book, with an invite to purchase, or some other way to entice readers. 

Whichever way you choose to go for what and how to share with readers, the design of your FlashPad is a great opportunity to market to readers. Despite the adage, everyone judges books by their covers, and this is your chance to entice more people to your work. FlashPads feature carefully-placed outer wrappers with turned-edge technology and hardcover binding. They mimic the experience of opening a book, but at less overhead for the biggest bang for self-published marketing bucks. 

As self-publishing becomes the preferred route for more and more authors, take note on how to effectively market your works. Talk to a representative today to find out what it might take to get your work noticed and at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.