FlashPad Promotion Swag

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Depending on you ask, advertising and marketing are either a science or a crapshoot. Luckily, the research is in favor of it being more of a science. Personally, we're in favor of a FlashPad promotion to heighten awareness of your organization. 

Promotional products in advertising tend to get a bad rap. There's a segment of the population who are vehemently anti-promotional items. Some are less vehement, but still dismissive, considering free items as expensive, a waste of money, and ineffective. But a recent report from Biznology proves otherwise. According to the report, these little giveaways can increase branding and give consumers a more favorable view of your organization.

Oh, and increase sales. 

FlashPad Promotion

Now, when we say promotional items, we mean *useful* promotional items. Things that will not only entice users but will also have staying power in their lives. Think power banks, USB drives, anything technology-driven. And to catch the eye of your target market, consider a FlashPad promotion to keep your brand in the forefront. Sunrise can help you pick the perfect swag item, design a FlashPad promotion, and customize them both.

flashpad promotion

Useful & Affordable

FlashPads are small, lightweight wallet-like folding containers. They have a die-cut cavity inside which can hold...well, anything that fits. TAs one of the most popular products Sunrise has created, they lend themselves well to promotional giveaways or as company swag. 

As something that is both light and useful, a FlashPad promotion is perfect for your next conference or booth/tabling session. As Biznology notes, after receiving a promotional product, the majority of recipients felt a connection with the brand: 

  • 42% felt a more favorable impression
  • 60% have done business with the brand
  • 27% said that it served as a constant reminder of the company or brand

And to boot: 20.9% made a purchase after receiving a promotional product. Ready to get on board?