Flashpad™: Custom USB Packaging

Here is a look at the most recent Flashpad™ USB cases to leave our shop! Two very different companies with different needs, artwork, and data can both benefit from this versatile marketing tool. The Flashpad™ is by far our most popular USB packaging product because it is easy to use, easy to customize, and we have nailed down the process pretty well since its inception. Most recently, we have made some space and added more turned edge equipment with a few extra hands in order to improve on our turn around times and serve you better! Whether you have an event coming up that you need to market, or even just distribution of new information and data, the Flashpad™ is perfect to extend your brand and represent your organization!

This case is turned edge with your art and custom features applied the outer wrap. This small yet effective packaging solution provides you the opportunity to extend your brand image and business information in an interesting hand out. At Sunrise, we like to use these at exhibitions to hand out our information as well as a sample of our work. This product is extremely popular with photographers and software companies.