Flashdrive Packaging Reinvents Classic Marketing

St Leo FlashPad Kit flashdrive packaging

It's easy to be nostalgic for a past that some never experienced. The 'Mad Men' sixties world of well-tailored suits and day-drinking might look attractive to modern hipsters, but the reality of the times--Cold War, economic insecurity, limited roles for anyone not a white middle-class male--bring the decade into sharper focus. But there are some things to take away from previous generations, particularly when it comes to marketing. As an industry, marketing is one that focuses on the future, and has become increasingly data-driven. Reports show that marketing departments are out-spending IT departments when it comes to technology. However, there are still some marketing tactics from the days of yore that are still effective today. They just need a little updating, like instead of handing out brochures, hand out USB drives in sharp flashdrive packaging.

Rocks Digital has compiled a list of tactics to employ from marketing forebears. Sunrise Packaging has added a little more spin to their ideas by adding in the convenience that technology affords us today. Hey, why shouldn't we enjoy the benefits of our times?

Using Paper Collateral

We're talking brochures, flyers, and handouts. Rocks contends that these types of documents are easier handled in person than on a smartphone or on a website. It's correct in the sense that having something tangible works as a literal reminder. Websites are bookmarked (or, if I'm being honest, left open in a tab until I forget to come back to it and close the browser). But paper is easily dismissed, too. Some people like to stack it in their office with other *important* documents; others drop it all in their recycling bins.

Give prospects something they won't want to throw away: custom USB drives loaded with the information. This allows them to disseminate in whatever way they want (read it on a screen, printed, emailed, etc). 

Target & Customize Campaigns with Flashdrive Packaging

Direct mail campaigns are targeted to specific audiences, and were extremely effective. However, while campaigns might be focused on a specific area, they were rarely customized to the recipient. If you move to using flashdrives for sharing marketing collateral, the next step is designing customized flashdrive packaging.

flashdrive marketing flashpad

Our FlashPads and FlashPad Wallets offer limitless customization for adding context to your USB drives. They can enhance branding and also be used as primary communication tools.

Print Ads

It's true: most magazines and newspapers have shifted to focus on interactive and digital publications. But there's still something to be said for the impression of a well-designed, well-written, highly-creative ad placed in a magazine that ties to a wider campaign. 

This is where another place where flashdrive packaging can aid marketing campaigns. Translate the design to the your flashdrive packaging (which have great customization options) to communicate your message most effectively.

Which of these options will you pursue in your next campaign? Contact Sunrise Packaging today to find out more about how flashdrive packaging is the key to reinvigorating your marketing efforts!