Flashdrive Packaging & Your Brand

flashdrive packaging

The marketing department is rarely anyone’s favorite department for interactions. Whether you work in information technology, quality assurance, sales, and more, there’s usually a little tension between the marketers and the rest of the company. Simply search for ‘why do people hate marketing?’ and a plethora of reasons present themselves. This isn’t to cast a broad light on all marketers, per say, but the trope of that marketing is pushy, obtrusive, and generally annoying exists. So what does all of this have to do with flashdrive packaging?

Well, marketing is traditionally the *keeper of the brand* so they keep everything consistent and have to put the kabosh on using colors outside the approved palette, fonts outside the approved fonts, you get the picture. For some designers, these limitations can feel restrictive. Packaging can be especially subject to these limitations…usually for good reason. Can you imagine if Campbell’s drastically changed up their iconic soup label? Or if Coca-Cola used anything but red for their classic soda?

But there are ways to get around these restrictions. Flashdrive packaging is something that should adhere to your classic brand. It’s designed to remind customers of your business, first and foremost. But secondly, it needs to stand out in their mind as something they want to return to.  Sunrise Packaging can help ensure that both things are accomplished. 

Creativity in Flashdrive Packaging

The most memorable packaging solutions also tend to be among the most creative. Your business is more than just the products you sell, right? Look through your mission statement, marketing pieces, and any other pieces that explain who and what your brand is. What are the pillars upon which your organization is built? Integrate those sentiments into your packaging. custom packaging solutions

There are a few different ways to go about this. It could start with the USB drive itself. Sunrise Packaging in Minnesota has a wide variety of custom thumb drives from which you can choose, ranging in size, price and style. So if you are a company that’s working to go green, we can find the perfect flashdrives to complement that endeavor. 

The packaging design is another opportunity to create a memory for customers. In the example pictured, Lapka is a company focused on harmony between the mind and the environment. They also build an add-on for iPhones. Their packaging, though, is a great marriage of both of those functions. 

How Does Your Brand Shine Through

Remember: marketing is working to maintain the integrity of the brand, not against it. Don’t let the brand guidelines get you down, or feel creatively stifled…just find a new outlet for it. Contact Sunrise Packaging to help work through the project for more support!