Flashdrive Marketing 101

Flashdrive marketing

Over time, we've compiled a lot of resources on flashdrive marketing. Perusing the blog at USB Packaging is like unleashing a tsunami of knowledge. While it's all great stuff, some tips stand out more than others. And like anybody, we have our favorites to highlight. Marketing with flashdrives or USB sticks is a great way to share your business ideals and resources with customers. It's one of the reasons that flashpads at Sunrise are one of our biggest sellers. But knowing how to use these tools effectively might be quite as obvious.

To help you out, here are a few of our favorite tips to get you started on your next USB project. 

Flashdrive marketing

Flashdrive Marketing Tips

Choose A Relevant Style
Flashdrives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, running the gamut from gimmicky to glamorous. While it might be tempting to stick with the stock, consider your business and your clients. Is there a multi-purpose that might be handy? Microbreweries might add a bottle opener to one end. Could it be an evocative memento? A mortgage company might choose a USB stick shaped like a key. Flashdrive marketing can be equal parts practical and fun, so indulge in a little whimsy. Not only will it grab customers' attention, but others will take notice, too.

Optimize Your Message
The outside of the flashdrive is where you want to put the most immediate call to action. Your name, website, email, and/or phone number - things a client can reference without even loading the USB drive. It might be tempting to put something like your mission statement or use the space for something more decorative. Just remember that flashdrive marketing has the same goal as all other types of marketing: to increase sales and brand recognition.

Gain More Real Estate with a FlashPad
If you are losing the battle regarding what content should live on the outside of the flashdrive, then consider adding some more real estate (and arguably a more appropriate space for that mission statement). Custom USB packaging, like our FlashPad and other options, are perfect for showcasing longer forms of content. Include your social channels, a physical address, and a full-color version of your logo and brand. 

Carefully Consider the Content
Now to the next conundrum: what to load onto the USB drive?

It might be tempting to leave it blank, and let the packaging do the talking. Cynics might say that users would just delete anything on the drive anyways, but hold that thought. Do you have any digital content--a video, a podcast, a virtual brochure, etc--with a clear closing call to action? View it as an opportunity to engage with a customer at their most curious.

flashdrive marketing

Tell Your Story
Another way to engage with users is to approach it from a narrative perspective. Storytelling is a hot thing in marketing, and flashdrive marketing lends itself well to the medium. What would you share with someone to tell them about you and your company? Create your narrative from your promotional materials for a USB.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started!